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Artemis Hotel Lemnos | Hotels in Mirina Lemnos


In the North-east Aegean Sea, facing the narrow straits of Hellespont, the volcanic island of Lemnos, which is the second biggest island of the Prefecture of Lesvos and the eighth biggest island of Greece, welcomes its visitors with its natural and cultural beauty.

With its extremely beautiful capital, Myrina, and its 31 picturesque villages, Lemnos generously offers its beauty, and thus satisfies romantic couples, companies of friends and demanding families as well.

When you visit Lemnos you can enjoy peaceful plains interrupted by small hills, wonderful far-reaching sandy beaches and crystal clear sea waters in every corner of the island, amazing sunsets, like the one in Myrina that has Mount Athos as a background, extremely important archaeological sites that date back to the Prehistoric Period, such as Poliocnhe which is the most ancient city of Europe, Hephaestia and Myrina, the sanctuary of Kaveirio and Artemis and the legendary Philoctetes Cave, the castle of Myrina which is one of the most beautiful fortresses of Greece, traditional settlements, picturesque lanes and little ports, marvelous churches and numerous chapels, picturesque windmills, exceptional mansions of the Egyptian Lemnians, built of the Lemnian stone that offers the island and the Aegean landscape a unique style and finally the 4 remarkable Museums of the island (Archaeological Museum, Byzantine Museum, Folk Museum and Nautical Museum) with numerous and important exhibits.


The significant wetlands on the east side of the island, which are places of unique importance that host migratory and endemic birds as well as little animals, the impressive sand hills of Lemnos, a far-reaching sandy extension, the “waterfalls” of Kaspakas, the hot springs of Thermes, the petrified forest, the treasures of the sea bottom can attract the lovers of the nature and the sea during all the seasons of the year.

Taverns, fish taverns, restaurants, cafés and bars can offer relaxation and satisfaction to every visitor.

You can also taste top-quality fish, sea food, and local meat cooked with the unique Lemnian tasting, delicious local products such as “flomaria” –Lemnian Chylopites (traditional pasta)-, the Lemnian rusks, the different kinds of cheese such as the Lemnian “kalathaki cheese”, the dried and the “melichloro” cheese (fresh-made cheese), the prize-winning thyme honey with the excellent flavor, top-quality ouzo, and the special Lemnian wines that have been often honored in Greece as well as in foreign countries.

As far as the nightlife is concerned, the bars at the foot of the lighted Castle of Myrina, at Moudros Port, at Skala of Kalithea and in every corner of the island are open all night long and promise a great nightlife experience which satisfies all the preferences.


As for those who are lucky enough to visit the island during the summer months it is worth attending any of the festivals that are organized in every village on the day of the celebration of a Saint. Such festivals revive customs the roots of which date back to the ancient history of the island, with the participation of local singing and traditional dance groups.

By adding the genuine sense of hospitality of the residents and the exemplary organization of every touristic hotel to the above mentioned advantages, we realize that Lemnos is a recommendable destination to every visitor who is aware of appreciating the quality to every aspect.

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